Here you can download the code to simulate a one-degree-of-freedom rotary system. The systems is explained in details in Elahinia, M. and Ashrafiuon, H., “Nonlinear control of a shape memory alloy actuated manipulator,” Journal of Vibration & Acoustics – Transactions of the ASME, October 2002, 124(4): 566-575. Please copy the Simulink file and the two MATLAB files in the same directory. 

You can also download a Mathematica code developed by Francesco Bucchi for simulating shape memory and superelastic behavior. The details of this model are explained in Bucchi, F. Elahinia, M. Forte, P. And Frendo, F., “A passive magneto-thermo-mechanical coupling actuated by SMA springs and MR fluid”, International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, October 2014, 14(8): 1440031.


Selective Laser Melting fabricated samples mechanical testing data

Solid 3D printed rods

Porous 3D printed structures

NiTiHf data for NN modeling